I have performed over 75 ceremonies since my ordination. Every single ceremony is preciously imprinted in my memory. I treasure the privilege and opportunity to be a part of such sacred moments.

One family really touched my heart. Julie and Reid were high school sweethearts. They took separate paths, marrying other people, each having children. When they reunited, neither doubted that they would ever part, ever again. In crafting their ceremony, they chose a lovely manner in which to include their children. Julie has two sons, Reid two daughters and a son. They opted for a sand ceremony. Julie chose a beautiful vase to be the receptacle of their blended sands. Each member of the newly formed family had a vial filled with their own color of sand.

“…each of you hold a vial containing your chosen color of sand. The sand will not change color once you pour it into the vase. You will each always retain your uniqueness. Yet you are now part of a larger entity, your new family. You can display your colorful vase perhaps on a shelf somewhere, maybe the mantle over your fireplace?, ~ as a symbol of your commitment to join together and make a beautiful alliance, your new family. I now invite you all to pour your vial of sand into the vase…”